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Coming Out Later in Life

Coming out is an important milestone for anyone who is accepting their sexuality. Everyone’s journey in discovering their own sexuality/gender identity is unique, there is always a combination of circumstances/factors that can affect the process of an individual coming out. Whether someone is young when they come out or if it occurs later in life (30s, 40s, 50s +), everyone’s journey and the challenges they face in embracing their true self are important and valid.

As stated before, a person can come out at any stage of their life, no matter the age or circumstance. Their sexuality/gender is something they could have just realized, or it could have been an aspect of themselves that they have hidden/suppressed for many years. The reason someone waits well into adulthood to come out could be due to Comphet, social/familial pressures, actual safety concerns, etc. No matter the reason, however, it DOES NOT matter. Everyone has the right to come out on their terms, no matter the time or circumstance.

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You Are Not Alone

Like everyone on this journey of coming out, the whole process can be new and somewhat overwhelming. However, coming out later in life/or being a late bloomer can present its own unique obstacles. Being in a later stage of life means that there may already be foundations set. A person could already be married, have children, own a house, or have a well-established career, etc. There are so many factors to consider when deciding when/if to come out since it can affect (both positively/negatively) all aspects of someone’s life. The journey can be complicated and bumpy. It does take courage!

As always, it is important to remember there is no right way to come out and it does not just happen all at once. If you are in the process of coming out, you do not have to go through it alone. There are most likely family, online/IRL friends, co-workers, and all sorts of people around you who are open to helping you through the journey of revealing your true self. For support, hiring a therapist and/or a coach to work with you throughout the process can be beneficial. Coming Out can be long and daunting, but when you are able to truly embrace your authentic self, it is worth it.

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I personally just came out later in life. With my own experiences and certifications, I, the Queer Life Coach, provide coaching to women (femme-identifying individuals) who desire guidance and support as they navigate through their self-journey, especially to those coming out in a later stage of life…as they embrace their own personal truth and work towards living their life to the fullest.

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