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Establishing Intimacy in a Long-Distance Relationship

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

There are many building blocks that need to be present for a relationship, especially a long-distance relationship, to be successful and grow. In last week's blog post, we discussed one building block which was the importance of effective communication. This week, the topic of discussion will be intimacy and how it can be fostered within a long-distance relationship.

It can be difficult to be intimate in a long-distance relationship. Due to distance constraints, intimacy, especially physical intimacy may lack in a long-distance romantic relationship, which eventually could lead to underlying issues within said relationship. Yes, there are other types of intimacy, but without physical intimacy, skin to skin contact, it might be difficult for some. When entering a long-distance relationship couples need to confront the intimacy issue head on, so they can, as a couple, work through this obstacle and/or circumvent it together (or to the best of their ability)

Taller woman kissing forehead of shorter woman as they hug
Being Intimate with your Long-Distance Partner

Okay, when thinking of ways to be intimate make sure you keep in mind the specific dynamics between you and your partner. Every relationship is unique. As always, communication is key! (That cannot be said enough). Discuss with your partner. What are you/your partner's wants and needs when it comes to intimacy? What are your boundaries? What are you comfortable with? Preferences? Interested in trying? Etc.

Establish your game plan, adjust when needed, and always keep the channels of communication open. There needs to be understanding and trust between you and your partner. That is how true intimacy can be fostered within your relationship, no matter the distance.

The Sky Is the Limit When It Comes to Intimacy

When it comes to long-distance relationships, the whole “distance” part can be particularly frustrating…However, there are ways to work around it or at least make it slightly more bearable (until the next time you both can be together in person). Listed below are some ideas on how to build intimacy that you may want to try with your partner.

Woman in a dark green sweatshirt looking up at the sky.

Planning Trips to See Each Other: Whenever possible, schedule times to visit your partner in person. Build up the anticipation for when you can be in each other’s arms.

Invest In Toys: There are now adult toys on the market that can sync to an app and/or a partner toy. Enjoy/control each others pleasure even if you are across the world.

Do a Sexy Photoshoot: Do a photoshoot of yourself in an outfit (or the lack thereof) that makes you feel sexy. Send some sexy photos to your partner in a safe and secure manner.

Call and Leave a Sexy Voice Message: Use only your voice and send your partner an intimate voicemail.

Have a Virtual Date: Get takeout, light a candle, and have a virtual date through video chat. Then maybe enjoy some desert and sexy time afterward.

Self-Pleasure Together: Mutually Masturbate with your partner on phone or through video chat.

Send a romantic letter: Write a romantic letter to your partner and send it through the mail. Spray your favorite Perfume or Cologne on the letter to make it extra personal.

These are only a few suggestions on how to build intimacy in a long-distance relationship. There are a lot more out there. Be creative, think of ideas of your own. The sky is the limit!

Although distance may make it difficult, there are ways to establish intimacy in a Long-Distance Relationship. Communicate with your partner and get those creative juices flowing. Also, if you need guidance, you can hire a coach to help as you and/or your partner work through this process together. The Queer Life Coach specializes in LGBTIA+ femme-identifying couples.

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