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What Is A Queer Life Coach

It can be hard to know what direction we should take in life that benefits us the most. Add in your identity that doesn’t fit societal norms and you have even more questions. A life coach helps you find your answers for yourself. A guide, cheerleader, and motivator to help you curate the life you want.

Now why “Queer”? That’s easy! Not only am I a certified life coach I am also a certified loveologist, master sex coach, and relationship coach, I also came out later in life as a lesbian. I knew when I became a coach I wanted to help other femme identifying folx in the LGBTQ+ community and provide a unique resource that is hard to find in the life coaching arena. As a late-life lesbian myself it was important to have a coach that understands the intersectionality of love, life, intimacy, and identity and the influences in life that hold us back. I couldn’t find it, especially one that supports and knows about the inner workings of kink and BDSM. So, I became The Queer Life Coach to help others like me!

Not only will you get incredible guidance and support in your journey, but you will also have someone who understands you and the unique experiences you go through that influences your queer life. I look forward to helping you and seeing how far you blossom.

Don’t forget to sign up for my email list at thequeerlife. coach for upcoming news, information, and tips for a thriveable and pleasurable life!


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